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Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling

If you are reading this, there is a good possibility that you are worried about your relationship or that of someone you love.

Deciding to enter couples counseling is a big step. Usually there is a lot of emotion, pain, and disappointment. A lot is at stake. The research shows that it can take couples as much as 6 years to seek help. Dr. John Gottman is the leading researcher in this area. He and his wife, Dr. Julie Gottman, have created the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy that really works. This is the method I use. I have completed Level 3 Gottman Method Training. I am in the program leading to certification and am a member of the Gottman Referral Network. Please note that I am not a certified Gottman Therapist at this time.

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The Gottman method uses specific tools to restore and build friendship and intimacy and to have productive conflict. It teaches couples how to resolve problems and how to dialogue about “gridlocked /perpetual” problems. Research shows that 69% of the issues couples fights about are perpetual issues that will never disappear. If partners leave the relationship for another, they will have a new set of 69% perpetual problems. Perpetual problems are inherent in every relationship because we don’t marry ourselves. The Gottman Method helps couples come to a place of understand and empathy for the dreams behind these conflicts. It assists couples to live with these issues and to find areas of compromise that don’t invalidate the self of either individual. We also explore the goals, mission and dreams of the couple for themselves and for their relationship. This creates shared meaning which is a powerful cohesive force in the relationship.

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Before I intervene, I want to understand as much about your relationship as I can. I want to understand its strengths and challenges, its history. There are 5 parts to the assessment. An online research based questionnaire developed by the Gottman Institute to give an overview of the strengths and challenges in the relationship and 4 dedicated relationship therapy counseling sessions that are proven to help:

  • Initial Joint session of 90 minutes
  • Individual Sessions of 60 minutes each (one for each of the couple)
  • Feedback and goal setting session of 90 minute session.

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