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A group experience is different than individual therapy. It allows people to learn things they might not learn any other way. Most participants voice a feeling of being relieved to learn that they are not alone and that others have similar issues. They get support from people, who may understand their struggles better than family and friends. Despite the difficult challenges experienced by many of our participants, there has been much laughter and many deeply moving stories.

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Currently we have 1 on going group in Dr. Machlin’s practice. Most of the people in these groups have issues around depression, ADHD or bipolar mood disorder. Others are there because they want to learn more about themselves or they want to reduce their sense of isolation and feel more connected. As participants improve, they graduate and leave the group. Several members have stayed on, as the bonds formed are powerful and conversation very meaningful. Many say that the depth and intimacy of the conversation can’t be found elsewhere.

Currently we only have one group which meets on Monday morning 11-12:30pm. It is a Men’s and Women’s Group

Each group has 4-8 participants and meets for 90 minutes. 8 is the maximum number of participants we can accept in each group. The groups currently range from 45 years old to 80 years old.

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An individual interview is required before admission to the group. It ensures a match to the group and allows Peg to understand and assist the individual to accomplish their goals in joining the group. The fee for the individual interview is $130 for people outside of the practice. Each group session is $40/session. On joining we ask each person to make a 2 month commitment so they give themselves time to integrate into the group. Once the participant commits to the group, they commit monthly and pay for the month even if they do not attend each session. We encourage participants to attend each session as that builds group cohesion. Groups are usually friendly and welcoming to new members.

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