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A group experience is different than individual therapy. It allows people to learn things they might not learn any other way. Most participants voice a feeling of being relieved to learn that they are not alone and that others have similar issues. They get support from people, who may understand their struggles better than family and friends. Despite the difficult challenges experienced by many of our participants, there has been much laughter and many deeply moving stories.  Group members have voiced feeling that the group has given them a circle of people who really care about them and will listen to their dilemmas.  They report learning a lot from listening to how others are handling similar issues.  Most feel a reduction in the sense of isolation.

TWO Groups: Size 4-8 people. All groups are for both men and women. Usual length is 90 minutes but may be less if size is less than 6.

  • Depression
  • Caregivers of People with Chronic Illness – this group is new and has not started yet.  We are anticipating that it will meet on Thursdays at 11.  This could change.

Both groups require a 1-time, 1-hour assessment meeting for $120.  It ensures a match to the group and allows Peg to understand and assist the individual to accomplish their goals in joining the group

 Weekly fee is $40/ session. Members pay for the whole month even if they don’t come to a session.  Some months are $160 and some $200 depending on the number of meeting days in that month.  We encourage participants to attend each session as that builds group cohesion. Groups have been friendly and welcoming to new members. New members are asked to give themselves 2 months to assess if the group is a fit for them.

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