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Low Cost Prescriptions

Good Rx : Drug prices vary between pharmacies.

“GoodRx finds the lowest prices and discounts. How?
1. Collect and compare prices for every FDA-approved prescription drug at more than 70,000 US pharmacies
2. Find free coupons to use at the pharmacy
3. Show the lowest price at each pharmacy near you.”

Mood Tracking

Moodtracker Diary Private – Free – An app for mood charting – simple – only tracks the mood – can be private or shared

Mymoodtracker – $4.99 – Tracks moods, all medications on a time line. It can calculate sleep including multiple periods. Tacks exercise

ImoodJournal – $1.99 – Very colorful capture of mood, history and Summary. Allows you to tack many moods during the day.

ThriveTracker by ThrivePort – Free – Tracks mood, anxiety, irritability, Sleep Quantity, Sleep Quality, Counseling, Medication, Meditation, Exercise, Journal

Mood Kit – $4.99 – By same company Thrive Port and is much more sophisticated. It has ideas about how to make changes in areas that you have selected as goals. It allows you to track moods and thoughts, and journal. It has a list of thought distortions from Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It was developed by two psychologists.

Worry Tracking

Worrywatch – A journal app that tracks worries and asks: ” What might Happen?” What did happen?

ReachOut Worry Time – Free – An app that allows you to collect your worries, select a later time to worry about them and get on with our day.

Gottman Institute Apps

Give Appreciation – Giving and receiving appreciation is a great way to build friendship and closeness. Expressing thanks – even for small things – is powerful stuff! Try these out on your partner or friends and watch for impressive results.

Child Love Map – Think you know your child? The 100 questions in this app challenge parents to create “love maps” for their sons and daughters. You’ll develop a greater understanding of what makes your child tick and create a more rewarding family life to boot.

Fun and Play – All work and no play makes life unbearable! It’s also unhealthy for people and partnerships. Purposelycreate play in your lives by trying these suggestions for fun things to do together. Don’t think too much – just pick something and do it!

Expressing Needs – One of the myths about love relationships is that we should instinctively know what our partner needs. But nobody is a mind reader, no matter how much they love us. Once you know what your own needs are, stating them in a positive way with the help of this app gives your partner a chance to shine for you!

Affection and Lovemaking – Get closer to your partner with these suggestions for expressing affection – while making love or just to spice up your everyday routine.

Sex Questions to Ask Your Man – Being tongue-tied or shy about sex is no excuse for being a so-so lover. These bold, brave and explicit questions enable you to co-create the kind of sexual experiences that bring both of you to the most satisfying encounters.

Sex Questions to Ask Your Woman – What do women want out of sex? The key is in the answers to these bold, explicit questions, designed to help you create the best possible sexual encounters for both of you. Are you courageous enough to ask?

Love Talk for Guys – Most women love to hear if their partners are enjoying sex. Put words to your pleasure and increase your intimacy tenfold! You’ll know exactly what to say with the suggestions in this sexy app.
It’s not always easy to tell your partner how you are feeling. Sometimes we just don’t have the words! This app is loaded with 234 emotional states to help you identify feelings and build connection with your partner when you don’t know what to say.

Open-Ended Questions – Life is often so hectic that we lose touch with the heart and soul of our partner. “Did you change the baby?” or “What’s for dinner?” are not necessarily inquiries that make you feel deeply connected. This app from The Gottman Institute contains a series of meaningful questions that uncover your hopes and dreams as individuals and partners, bringing you closer together.