Helpful Meditation Resources

Prepared by Peg Walsh, MS, CNS – 718 208 6986

There are many kinds of meditation. Learning to be still and be aware is an important aspect of a balanced life. Most of us are moving too quickly. Some sort of meditation practice give people an opportunity to self sooth, to be in the present and in their bodies. It is an opportunity to rest deeply and renew. Many of these practices are easy to learn if you don’t get in your own way. They are about not expecting or judging or striving for anything specific to happen. They are about allowing oneself to be. Most of us are so busy doing, we are human doings rather than human beings. I invite you to explore and see which teacher/method speaks to the unique you. They are not listed in any specific priority.


Integrative Mindfulness – Madeline Ebelini, MA, RYT


Here is a link to the resource page. He often does free 21 day meditations with and without Opra. These can be purchased during and after the 21 days. On the resource page there is a sample of his meditation. I have 5 of them and find them wonderful.

Samples meditation:

TRANSENDENTAL MEDITATION : 888-LEARN-TM (888-532-7686) This is a meditation that I have done for years. It is well researched. There is a local teacher. Sally Rosenfeld, 914-262-8692 (cell) 4947 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 205, Naples 34103


Online Classes: – online 6 week courses

Free Guided Meditations can be downloaded using link:

  • Breathing Meditation 5 mins Play iTunes
  • Breath, Sound, Body Meditation 12 mins Play iTunes
  • Complete Meditation Instructions 19 mins Play iTunes
  • Meditation for Working with Difficulties 7 mins Play iTunes
  • Loving Kindness Meditation 9 mins Play iTunes
  • Body and Sound Meditation 3 mins Play iTunes
  • Body Scan Meditation 3 mins Play iTunes
  • Body Scan for Sleep 12 mins Play iTunes

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