Rates and Insurance

The first session is for Assessment. It is 1.5 hours. Individual pay $200 and Couples $275.

Hourly therapy rates for Individuals is $120.00 and Couples is $140.

All active duty, retired and military veterans and their spouses will receive a 10% discount for professional services upon request.

Insurance is not accepted, however, Medicare (not HMOs but straight medicare) will usually reimburse my clients “for therapy services from on out of network provider.” I will give you a detailed receipt with diagnosis and treatment information. Please attach this to form CMS1490S and mail to Medicare at First Coast Service Options, PO Box 2525, Attention Claims, Jacksonville, Florida 32231-0019.

For clients seeking Medicare Reimbursement:

Other insurance companies also offer reimbursement to the client for “out-of-network-providers”. I have several clients getting reimbursed, sometimes as much as 60%. You can send the receipt that I give you which will have the appropriate codes.

Payments are made at each visit by check, credit card or cash. We can provide you with the information you need to submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. If you are planning to use your health insurance, you must call your insurance company to ask if they cover therapy services. Your health insurance provider might promise to pay for outpatient psychotherapy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will cover all providers, treatments or diagnoses.

Questions to ask your insurance company:

* How much does my coverage pay per visit?

* Do I have a maximum number of visits or maximum dollar amount per calendar year?

* How much is my deductible?

* What is the reimbursement policy?

* Does my policy have a requirement regarding licensure and degree? (Peg Walsh is a Clinical Nurse Specialist with a Masters Degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing – NPI # is 1174878037).

* Does my policy cover out-of-network clinicians? What is the out-of-network rate?