A 4-Step Plan To Help Identify The Cause of Anger & Unhappiness In Your Life

Peg Walsh APRN Mental Health, Therapy Blog

Call it a short fuse, bad temper, or just an awful day. Maybe it’s stress from work or a conflict at home that’s making you extra grouchy these days. Whatever the reason, anger seems to come over you in waves sometimes crashing down and destroying your world change this to DAY.

You don’t really understand why you’re feeling this way…why you are so on edge…but you’d like the unexplained anger to pass.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. The good news is you can let go of anger and live a happier life. But, it all starts by identifying the root cause of your anger and frustration. Here’s where to start:

Check Your Boundaries

Do you ever say “yes” when you really mean “no”? This is a sign of a weak boundary. Don’t let the fear of disappointment come before taking care of your own emotional needs. Saying “yes” each time can cause you to feel overwhelmed, emotionally burnt out, and plain old unhappy.

Nurture and develop healthy relationships in your life that are based on respect and generosity. If you don’t really want to do it, then just say “no”. Remember that boundaries are healthy and a good way for you to say, “I’m OK with this, but not THAT”.

Change Your Thinking

Anger is often generated by how you think about encounters and events. Are you personalizing? That is assuming that the way a person treated you is deliberately a hostile act against you rather than the way they basically are with everyone.

Do you ruminate? Rumination is going over and over an event and escalating the worry, anxiety, and anger about it. It is more brooding than constructively thinking something over. This is sometimes called “Stinking Thinking”.

Review Your Routine

Exercise, nutrition, and sleep are all essential pillars of overall wellness. If you are feeling more on edge than usual, take a step back and review your routine.

Are you getting adequate sleep?

… fueling your body with nutritional foods?

… what about exercise and proper self-care?

So much of what we do physically affects how we feel emotionally. Do you have enough downtime? Where is the joy in your life? What are you doing for fun? Our physical and mental health go hand-in-hand and it’s essential that we prioritize them.

Schedule A Mental Wellness Appointment

Depression and anxiety can both be responsible for increased irritability so it’s important to seek a professional evaluation. Poor boundaries and Stinking Thinking can rev the fires of anger unnecessarily.

Don’t brush your continual symptoms off as normal or just something you have to do deal with. You can learn to let go of anger and cultivate a happier life. At Peg Walsh Therapy, we can help you examine all areas of your life to identify problems and pave the way to happiness – change to develop strategies for reality-based thinking, better boundaries, and improved self-care.

Anger doesn’t have to ruin your days or relationships. Call for a free 15-minute phone conversation.