I am a master’s prepared, Advanced Practice Nurse who is Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (APRN-BC).  With over 30 years of experience, I have developed skills and techniques to enable individuals, groups, and couples to make the changes they need to live the lives they want.  Please note that I do not prescribe medication. My expertise is in talk therapy. 

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I am a graduate of Adelphi University, NY Medical College Program in Sex Therapy and the Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Institute.

  • MS in Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing from Adelphi University in 1977
  • Certificate in Sex Therapy, NY Medical College, 1979 – 2 year program
  • BS in Nursing from Mount St, Mary College, 1971
  • MDiv. from Gauden University in 2005/ this university has closed and the records are held by Tzaddi
  • Florida Postgraduate Sex Therapy Training Institute, 2012 – 1 year program
Landmark Education:
  • Graduate of the Forum,
  • Advanced Forum,
  • Self Expression and Leadership,
  • Communication – Access to Power,
  • Communication – Power and Performance,
  • Team Leadership and Management Program



APRN License in Florida

Board Certified Adult Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist by American Nurses Credentialing Center

AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists) Certified Sex Therapist

RN License in NY

Gottman Level 3 Training and acceptance into the Certification Track

Emotionally Focused Therapy. 4 day Externship. 4 0f 4 Core Skills Training Workshops.



I had two educational experiences which also helped me to where I am today. These two were: Ericksonian Hypnosis and Communication Techniques AND Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

In my consultation days, I did a lot of teaching, which I also loved. I have presented at national conferences and to general audiences speaking on the topics of communication, disability and caregiving issues.

I was an entrepreneur for 25 years with a consulting and training business in the home care field in NYC. I have had several articles and training manuals published. I enjoyed doing organizational development and conflict resolution among work groups. I was lucky to be the recipient of several grants to further my work. I have an innate ability to sense the small steps individuals and groups need to make to move from point A to B.



Member of American Nurses Association and Florida Nurses Association

AASECT – American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists

On Couples Therapy

I have passion for helping couples heal. I see many couples trying heroically to reach each other only to turn away in despair that they will be heard or get their needs met. I see people who love each other but feel so unloved and unimportant. Many are hopeless. They are often very angry and are fighting for their lives and their relationships in ways that defeat them.

I think that EFT brings a language and science to healing attachment injuries and compliments the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy. Attachment Injuries are often the root causes of couples’ inability to create intimacy. Physical Intimacy between a couple can be the glue that holds the relationship together and so I work with couples to reinvent their sex lives as their friendship is repaired.

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On Individual Therapy

In my life I have had several amazing mentors and life has lead me places that I never expected to go. I love working with individuals assisting them to listen to their deepest self and follow their Path. My 3 day Vision Quest, where I was alone and fasting in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado, changed my life in powerful and subtle ways. Most importantly, I listen differently to my deepest self and to whatever that power is that is bigger than me and sources the universe. It is a great honor for me to work with people who want to understand themselves, become free and follow their inner knowings. I don’t think there are mistakes or coincidences in life. I think if we could have made a different choice we would have but we couldn’t and we didn’t. I know that self compassion is the cornerstone for healing, so I make every effort to be compassionate to my patients and to myself. Doing this deep psychological work with couples, individuals, and groups is both an honor and a privilege for me.

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On Group Therapy

I find that group therapy offers another healing dimension. When participants hear that others feel the same way, something shifts. They relax. When participants watch others struggle with the same issue it seems to make their choices clearer and more possible. The long term groups that I have worked with become so important to each other that it gives them an additional (and in some cases the only) place to be themselves, feel accepted and supported. There have been nights when I return home, so moved by what has happened in group that I have to sit on my lanai and look at the stars. Often the stories are of pain, suffering, survival and resilience. I am in awe, moved to my core and profoundly grateful that I have been a witness to these amazing people. I have always found Carl Jung’s concept of a “collective unconscious” useful. Groups in my opinion exemplify this. Growth for one, leads to growth for others. There is a kind of synergy.

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Final Thoughts

Whenever I tell people I am a psychotherapist they say, “That must be tough”. I tell them that some days are challenging but most days I look forward to work because I have the privilege of having conversations with amazing people who are generous enough to share their story with me.

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So, that is my story! I hope that it resonates with you and that perhaps I can be of service. Give me a call to discuss!

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If you want more in your life or you want greater freedom to be your best self, call me and let’s talk. I believe in always talking to a new client to see if I think I can provide what they are looking for. There is no charge for this brief phone consultation.