Conflict Resolution Course

Learn to Manage Conflict through Healthy Communication

Making the Downtime from Covid-19 Work for You and Your Partner

This is a time of uncertainty, worry and boredom. It can take a toll on relationships. Everyone is on edge and many of us, irritable. Many couples are fighting more frequently or more intensely than usual for them.

For couples who want to use this high stress time to learn something new, I am offering two 90-minute training sessions to help you improve your communication.

This is not couples therapy as I will not be doing an in depth assessment or creating an individualized treatment plan. I will be teaching you skills.

A Brand New Service for Conflicting Couples

- Two Sessions
- 90 Minutes Each

The cost of the 2 session (90 minute) Conflict Reduction Training Experience is $450.

10% reduction for current or ex-military and for first responders and medical personnel.

Content and Skills that Will be Covered:

Introduction to eliminating the 4 major behaviors that cause conflict and destroy relationships:

  • Criticism
  • Defensiveness
  • Contempt
  • Stonewalling
  • Introduction to Using Communication Techniques

  • Soft Start UP which allows you to tell your partner what is bothering you without them feeling criticized or becoming defensive
  • Paraphrasing and validating which clarifies communication and gives your partner a strong sense that you “got them”. They definitely feel heard.
  • Repairs - what to do when you know that the conversation is beginning to escalate and get into dangerous territory. There are simple techniques that can allow you and your partner to quickly get back on track.
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    As a certified marriage therapist I endeavor to support faith-based marriages, whatever that faith is even if it's not Christian. I myself was brought up Catholic. I am continually in search of the path that God wants me to follow. I am not a therapist who can quote scripture to you. I am one who can support your spiritual path and your understanding of scripture and the guidance that you get from your God or your spiritual guide.
    My own spiritual path has taking me on a 3-day solo Vision Quest in the Colorado mountains fasting, calling out for vision for myself and my people. I have studied different kinds of meditation for many years and obtained a Master in Divinity from a church school called Gauden University which is now defunct but held by the Church of Tzaddi. As part of that experience I was also ordained as a minister for about 10 years. I am now retired. I continue my spiritual search listening to God in my heart and in my daily meditation practice.


    If you want more in your life or you want greater freedom to be your best self, call me and let’s talk. I believe in always talking to a new client to see if I think I can provide what they are looking for. There is no charge for this brief phone consultation.

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    Note: In praising people who have a strong faith, please understand that I am not putting them ahead of people who are not believers in God or a higher power, my intention is to point out how faith can be an additional resource to support love. Other non-faith based couples may have other resources that give similar support such as coming from an intact, happy family of origin or having a strong ethical system. There are many paths. I support the inner wisdom and knowing of each of my patients.