What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is short term (10 – 20 sessions) treatment utilizing a cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic approach to sexual problems. Because conflict and hurt feelings can interfere with sexual connection, I offer couples the option of combining Gottman Method Couples therapy with Sex Therapy

Low or absent sexual desire

Difficulty with orgasm, rapid ejaculation, delayed ejaculation

Keeping your sexuality vibrant through and after menopause

Effectively incorporating sexual medications into your intimate relationship

Painful intercourse

Reestablishing sexual activity after cancer, disability, chronic illness

Resuming sexual activity after penile prostheses

Erectile Dysfunction

Peg Walsh of Fort Myers Therapy is a Certified Sex Therapist by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. Peg provides sex therapy for those in Bonita Springs, Fort Myers, Estero and Naples FL

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Course of Treatment

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I begin by exploring your current sexual functioning and concerns. We then jointly create a treatment plan involving sensual exercises that are done in the privacy of your own home. I employ the traditional sex therapy treatment model that uses slow and graduated increases in physical intimacy. Each couple is different and so the exercises are carefully planned with the couple based on their preferences and the state of the relationship. In weekly sessions, you will explore your experiences and reactions to your sensual contact. This will enable you to understand your responses and relationship dynamics.
Many of the difficulties in sexual functioning are related to anxiety, expectation and miscommunication. The sessions are designed to give permission to experience pleasure and to reduce anxiety. My work is focused on helping each couple develop a lasting way to communicate.

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Individuals can also benefit from a Sexual Health Consultation. Women especially who have never had an orgasm or have experienced chemotherapy, or radiation or a medical condition interfering with their ability to experience sexual pleasure can be guided to establish a pleasurable connection to their body. Self pleasuring exercises will be given to be done at home.
For people who have experienced treatments which have permanently altered their sexual functioning, they need to establish a “new normal”. Many people think that the only kind of sexual activity is intercourse and if intercourse is no longer possible, they believe that their sex life is over.
Physical intimacy and pleasure are still available by making use of all the wonderful possible “outercourse” options (kissing, caressing, the comfort of skin on skin contact, oral and manual pleasuring to name just a few). Research has shown that even if people lose sensation in the genital area, other areas of the body can become erotic and more pleasurable. Don’t despair, explore. The best revenge is living well ( George Herbert). The body is amazing in its capacity to adapt, if you are open and willing to play again.
All take home exercises and sexual activity are done in the privacy of clients’ home. This is not a program where the therapist touches the client.

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Referral Practitioners

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I am in the process of creating a “Dream Team” of practitioners to whom I can refer and with whom I can collaborate in supporting the individual or couple with Sex Therapy. Sexual problems are often complex and a team approach with a Sex Therapist can be the best way to facilitate resolution. The team I have in mind includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, as well as gynecologists, urologists and a physical therapist skilled at pelvic floor rehabilitation therapy.
Your sexuality is one of life’s most profound gifts. It can enable you to connect to your deepest self and bridge the aloneness that is an inherent part of being a human being. It is often the glue that holds couples together. Reconnecting with your sexual aliveness is a gift you can give yourself and your partner. This treatment approach can facilitate that growth.


If you want more in your life or you want greater freedom to be your best self, call me and let’s talk. I believe in always talking to a new client to see if I think I can provide what they are looking for. There is no charge for this brief phone consultation.