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Goodness Sake, LLC

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“Women’s sexual pleasure has hidden in the shadows for too long. It’s time to get it all out in the open.”

A small company called, Goodness Sake LLC, formed to do something about this. They are a group of researchers, filmmakers, engineers, designers, educators and sexologists who are passionate about making an honest, practical resource about women”s pleasure. What motivated them was that they wanted this information for themselves and couldn’t find it!

They created an amazing website to show the results of their research with 2000 women.

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The website shows ordinary women talking about specific ways they like to self-pleasure or ways they like their lovers to touch them. The women discuss the techniques they love. If you want more information, you can open a video of one or more of them demonstrating the technique. The website has 11 videos which are touchable where one can practice the technique seen on the site. The presentation is joyful, tasteful and the most useful information I have ever seen for a woman’s pleasure. They seek to expand the vocabulary women can use to describe the way they want to be pleasured. As women told them about their ways of self-pleasuring, the team created names for the techniques: Edging, Surprise, Rhythm, Consistency, Framing, Signaling, Layering, Multiples, Accenting, Hinting, Orbiting. The names come from the women. This is a site not to be missed by women and men. It is an incredible accomplishment.

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