The Pursuit of Happiness In Life

Peg Walsh APRN Mental Health

The pursuit of happiness is something we’re probably all familiar with but many of us are not happy.

We know that money, fame, and popularity don’t always bring happiness. There are plenty of celebrities who have come forward to share their battles with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. Every year we see tragic stories of famous people who had it all but kill themselves in despair.

Even in the age of social media and self- absorption, more “likes”, “followers”, or “shares” don’t necessarily make a person happy.

So, how can we learn to be happy?

Choose It

Set the intention to be happy. It is as simple as saying daily and throughout the day “I choose to be happy today.”

Many people think, “I will be happy when XXX happens”. And then they get XXX and they are not happy yet, they look to the next great thing that will make them happy. The secret of happiness is to accept “what is in the present” and choose to be happy today.

It doesn’t mean we can’t have goals, it just means we know how to rest in the present and choose happiness.

Practice Gratuity & Mindfulness

The discrepancy between what is and our expectations of how things SHOULD BE often causes unhappiness. If we can accept that this is the way things are today, suffering is reduced. It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a plan or a desire for something different but you realize that there is nothing wrong with the present and you accept it.

When we are MINDFUL and living in the present, we learn to appreciate the moment. When we’re mindful, we can…

… look up at the sky and see the clouds and the birds instead of missing it all

… feel the rain on our face and enjoy being alive

…look into the eyes of a child and really see them

… tune into how our body is moving and be grateful for the pleasure of easy

…savor the taste of food

learn that even if we are working at a job we intend to change, we can still be grateful that today, this job allows us to put food on the family table.

Mindfulness opens up a deeper appreciation for the world around. Mindfulness can help us let go of the past, the “what-ifs”, and negative self-talk. Life is much simpler and easier in the present.

Build Healthy Relationships People need people.

We need to make sure we give the people we love a priority in life. We want to treasure them and have healthy boundaries. It is wise to be open to bring in new people into our circle.

Listen to Yourself

Fulfillment in life comes from listening to the deepest desires of our selves. Do we want to learn to dance or play music or travel to Alaska? Do we want to learn a new language or adopt a child? What dreams call to you from the deepest parts of your being?

Kindness Matters

Kind acts and gestures can go a long way when it comes to our personal happiness. We can experience a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose in life when we give freely. This is because the act of giving creates personal joy!

Happiness is something we can create for ourselves! Sometimes, it takes guidance and direction. Whether you’re longing for something more in life or looking to become the best version of YOU, give us a call today for a complimentary phone consultation.